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ScrumPrep's 2024 Discount Coupon

Are you starting your journey towards becoming a certified professional? Our training materials can help you on your way. Scroll down to the light blue box for all the details about this month’s discount coupon and also find out why it pays to save on your training.

Pass On Your Schedule

We know that many of our students are balancing demanding jobs and family commitments. The prospect of spending your free time studying could present a challenge. HeyScrum exam prep products will smoothly guide you through that challenge with the aim of helping you achieve exam success.

Trusted by hundreds of professionals around the world, HeyScrum will help you prepare for and pass your exam the first time.

Get Ahead in Your Career

Successfully adding recognized credentials to your list of qualifications is one of the best career investments you can make. An internationally recognized qualification, shows that having professional credentials can boost your salary.

Take home more of that salary uplift by using a coupon code to slash the cost of your prep materials.

If you are serious about your career progression, you need to study with a trusted partner. We hold that status, and we protect it fiercely because it’s how we maintain quality and provide you with the best service. You can be sure that our exam preparation materials will help you achieve your career goals just as they have helped thousands of other professionals.

Everything You Need

One of the reasons professionals put off applying for their certification exam is that they feel they don’t have adequate training.

The HeyScrum solves that problem easily because it helps you identify areas of improvement and provide not only comprehensive explanations but also instructor support to guide you on mastering the material. This can be done  without the high cost of classroom-based training and without ever leaving your desk (if you don’t want to!).

This Month's HeyScrum Coupon

Every month we offer one coupon for one of our products. Click the tabs below to see what’s current:

What You Should Know: Using Discount Codes

We aim to make buying your Exam Prep materials as easy as possible. Our terms and conditions are easy to understand and written in plain English, but there are a few things that it’s worth pointing out to you here that specifically relate to special pricing arrangements and cost reductions.

Essentially, the main point to be aware of is that many discount coupons for the HeyScrum are only valid from a certain date to a fixed expiration date. This is normally for a calendar month. Your coupon will not be valid if you try to use it outside of those fixed dates.

We know that sometimes you find out about special offers after you’ve purchased and we know how annoying that can feel! We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service so we will honor the value of any coupon that is active on the day of your purchase, provided that you write to our support team within three (3) days. They’ll be able to apply your discount if you are eligible to receive it so you can benefit from the deal.

Save Even More on HeyScrum Exam Materials

The best way to get incredible value on your project management training materials is to opt for a bundle deal. Buying these products as a bundle offers you a significant discount over buying them separately. And you don’t even need a coupon to begin with!

Need a custom bundle? Contact Us with the exam preps you want in your bundle and we’ll work something out.

Where To Find HeyScrum Coupons

Apart from coming back to this page to find the special offers, you can also find coupons and discount codes for the HeyScrum on our social media channels and our newsletters.

You can join our free newsletter here.

We also work with trusted partners to bring you offers and deals, so you may find concessions and deals through other people. You can check the validity of your offer code through the HeyScrum checkout page, which will tell you if the code is valid or not.

How To Use HeyScrum Coupon Codes

It’s easy to use your discount coupons for any of HeyScrum’s products. Simply navigate to the secure cart checkout for the product you want to buy, and look for the heading that says ‘Have a coupon? Click here to enter your code’.

Enter your discount code in the box and click ‘Apply’. You will see ‘Coupon code applied successfully.’ below to the coupon box if the code is valid. If you have mistyped the discount code or you are trying to use a coupon that has expired, you’ll see a notification message with explanation.

You’ll see in the checkout box the discount and price with the discount applied. Then finalize your order to lock in that fantastic offer!

Money-Back Guarantee

We’re very confident that you’ll get a lot of value from our products. We offer a money back if you do not pass your exam on the first try.

You can read the full terms and conditions here.

Another Great Deal Next Month

Every month we offer one discount coupon for one of our products and we keep this page up-to-date with the latest HeyScrum coupon offers, so check back regularly.

There is always a special deal for prospective students, as we really want you to commit to learning and get the most out of your study materials.

However, once this month’s deal is gone, we don’t know when we’ll be able to bring it back, or if we ever will. Take advantage of the offer while you still can.

Save On Your Exam Preparation

Here’s why we’re offering a discount for our exam prep products:

We’ve noticed a trend with more and more professionals funding their personal development themselves. People used to be able to rely on their employers for career development and training courses, but that isn’t the case any longer for many prospective students.

On top of that, we know many goal minded aspirants have to squeeze study time into their commute, the gym time, after the children have gone to bed or into their lunch hour.

Classroom and ‘heavy’ online courses require you to find a slot in your work week to dedicate large chunks of time to study. Some online platforms even need you to spend time learning about how the tech works so you can navigate through the course materials.

We think that it should just…work. Around you.

The HeyScrum exam preps easily fit within the short windows of time that you can dedicate to studying. As you work through the exams, you’ll have examples and real-world questions that help you remember the concepts. We want you to pass because you have the skills to do the job, not because you can memorize the material!

Our cost-effective preparation materials allow you to reduce your study time, because your study is more effective, and increase your chance of passing on your first attempt. In turn that saves you money:

  •  You complete your preparation faster, saving you time (and time is money, right?)
  • You don’t have to pay for additional training
  • There’s a lower risk of failing and having to pay for retaking an exam
  • You don’t have to buy additional materials
  • You have access to updates the exam so you can brush up your knowledge at any time in the future

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