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Do you have Scrum exam questions or questions about Scrum, Product Ownership, Agile Leadership, etc? Ask here and I’ll respond as concisely as possible.If posting about a real exam question, please paraphrase or reword any content from real exams to conform with copyright laws.

Is the PSM 1 difficult ?

If you are taking the assessment the first time, it can be difficult. Here is what I would look out for when taking the exam:

a) How well you understand Scrum. You cannot pass the exam from only memorizing the Scrum Guide. Only a small percentage of questions can be directly extracted from the Scrum Guide. The exam is specifically created to assess how well you understand the underlying principles and concepts of Scrum and each of its components. b) The Scrum Guide is very specific in it’s grammar and wording and a lot of theory is implied. The best way I’ve found to understand the Scrum Guide is going through it word by word and deeply researching the vocabulary. For example, how “complex” relates to agility. Another is to study the Agile Principles as it is the foundation of Scrum.
c) Even if you have experience with Scrum it might not be the correct way that Scrum was intended. Many companies and teams practice Scrum without fully understanding it and will be implementing it incorrectly. Try not to justify your answers based on your past experience as the assessment will test you on whether you understand certain anti-patterns.
d) Proper time management. 80 questions in 60 minutes means you should be averaging under a minute per question. However, there will be extremes where some questions can be answered in just a few seconds and others may take deeper thinking. A good practice is to check your progress at the halfway mark. Either halfway through the questions or halfway through the time remaining.
e) Don’t try to look up every answer. Even though it is “open book” you will not have time to look up every single question. Mark down th

Which is better CSM or PSM ?

Both are recognized among the agile community. I personally prefer the PSM as it’s more “affordable”, doesn’t require attending a workshop and does not require renewal. That being said, it comes down to personal preference and what you want to achieve. Some regions/companies may prefer one over the other.

How do I pass the PSM II ?

The PSM II is considered an advanced level exam. The majority of the questions are context or use case based. You will be provided with different real life scenarios and will be asked the best way to respond based on Scrum. These questions and answers will be lengthy and you will need to be able to visualize the situation and understand what you are being tested on. Having proper experience in Scrum is helpful as many scenarios will be common and many answers will contain common anti-patterns.

How valuable is a Scrum Master certification ?

Having a certification validates your level of knowledge and/or understanding of the specific subject whether it be the PSM, PSPO, PAL, etc. Applying the knowledge is much more difficult. That being said, it is helpful to know where you stand and how much you know or don’t know.

What is the difference between Agile and Scrum ?

Many people mix up the two or assume they are the same. In essence, being agile means you are able to adapt to changes. Scrum is one of many frameworks that helps teams be agile. Poorly implemented Scrum is not agile.

What does a Scrum Master do all day ?

A Scrum Master’s job is to ensure that the Scrum Team is effective. This is done by way of facilitating if and when needed, coaching team members, ensuring transparency, removing impediments, and maximizing opportunities for the organization and Scrum Team. This role is very special and requires strong characteristics that helps others find ways of bettering themselves and creating opportunities of improvement whether it be the product or the way of working.

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