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PSM I Practice Tests – Excel in Scrum Framework and Application

Prepare to pass your PSM I™ certification with confidence using the best exam prep learning tool – PSM I Practice Tests by HeyScrum. Gain a fundamental understanding of the Scrum framework and its application in Scrum Teams through our comprehensive features designed to elevate your Scrum mastery. Learn more about the PSM I™ exam and discover valuable insights in our PSM I Exam Guide. It’s never been easier to conquer the PSM I™ certification exam and become a trusted Scrum professional.

  • 480 PSM I™ Exam Practice Questions

    Gain access to hundreds of high-quality practice questions all developed to the latest PSM I exam standards. Each aspect of the exam is thoroughly covered to give you the confidence needed to pass your exam.

  • Tailored Exam Structure

    Customize your exam experience with ease. Choose the number of questions that fit your schedule and preferences. Effortlessly navigate across questions and have the option to view answers immediately. Measure your progress and compare your scores with others. Your preparation, your way.

  • PSM I Categories & Focus Areas

    Facilitation, Done, Self-Managing Teams, Empiricism, Coaching & Mentoring, Product Value, Artifacts, Leadership Styles, Events, Forecasting & Release Planning, Accountabilities, Stakeholders & Customers, Scrum Values, Product Backlog Management.

  • Simulated PSM I Exam Environment

    A simulated exam environment provides a realistic look and feel of the real test and helps you become accustomed with your timing and focus without unnecessary distractions.

  • Questions Developed by Scrum Exam Experts

    All content is developed and vetted by Scrum exam experts. We've mastered the exam inside and out in order to prepare you as best as possible.

  • Fully Updated to the Latest PSM I Examination Content Outline

    Never worry about outdated material. We frequently review and update the questions to reflect changes to the real exam.

PSM I Practice Tests - ScrumPrep

Your key to PSM I™ success

  • 480 PSM I™ exam questions
  • Six complete exams with 80 questions each
  • Real exam mode with unlimited question combinations
  • Questions developed by experienced Scrum exam experts
  • Updated to the current PSM I™ 2024 exam
  • Pass Guarantee to ensure your success
Last updated 6/2024

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Access exclusive bonus features that holistically prepare you for the exam:

In-Depth Explanations and Tips

Detailed explanations that reinforce your knowledge and understanding of the underlying concepts

Instructor Support

Our experts are always available to help you with your learning and continuous growth

Live Updates

For as long as you own the course, you will receive the most up to date exam questions

Certification Upon Completion

At the end of the course, you will receive a certification of completion to share your accomplishment

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At HeyScrum, we are dedicated to helping you achieve success in your exams. With a strong emphasis on quality, experienced exam experts, and a proven track record of results, we are your go-to resource for certification preparation.

We understand the importance of becoming certified in your professional journey. Our platform is designed with exam preparation in mind, providing a user-centric approach that allows you to learn at your own pace. We offer a range of resources all aimed at enhancing your knowledge. Moreover, our support system is ready to assist you with any questions or challenges you may encounter. At HeyScrum, we are not just your exam prep partner; we are your pathway to mastering concepts, passing your certification exams, and unlocking new career opportunities in the Agile world.

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  • 480 PSM I™ exam questions
  • Six complete exams with 80 questions each
  • Real exam mode with unlimited question combinations
  • Questions developed by experienced Scrum exam experts
  • Updated to the current PSM I™ 2024 exam
  • Pass Guarantee to ensure your success
Last updated 6/2024

Original price was: $99.Current price is: $45.

What Our Students Say

This course is all you need to pass PSM I

This course is all you need to pass PSM I. I scored 98.8% with less than 2 weeks of preparation. All thanks to this awesome course which covers everything you need for the exam. The only extra work I did was reading the Scrum Guide a few times.


I passed PSM I with a score of 96.3%

I passed PSM I with a score of 96.3%. If you go through all of the practice questions in this course, you will have no problem passing the test.


Perfect score in each focus area

I will share things I found most useful to get through PSM-I exam. I’ve successfully passed the PSM-I assessment scoring 100% in each focus area. Follow this guide if you want to pass the exam with ease. Highly recommended if you are preparation for the PSM-I exam.

Rosa M. T.

Anyone looking to take the PSM1 exam should definitely go for this course

I passed with a perfect score of 100 in my first attempt. The whole course is extremely easy to go through with a comprehensive collection of exam-level (and probably harder) questions. Anyone looking to take the PSM1 exam should definitely go for this course.

Amy Barber

I scored 98% with time to spare

After failing my PSM exam, a colleague recommended enrolling in the Exam Prep for PSM Practice Tests. Seeing that it has a guarantee, I had nothing to lose. After going through the practice exams, not only did I pass the PSM I assessment, I scored 98% with time to spare.


I scored 78 points out of 80 on the real exam.

I have passed the exam with a final score of 97.5% (78 out of 80 points). I would not have passed the exam without this course. The biggest benefit for me was developing my understanding of Scrum. The instructor support helped me to to understand the concepts and principles to better apply Scrum in the real world.  Thank you so much for great practice test.


It is the only course you needs to pass the exam.

This is the only course you needs to pass the exam.


The instructors are very helpful

The instructors are very helpful and will explained to you in detail what you need to do for the exam preparation! I highly recommend anyone taking the Scrum Master or Product Owner certification to enroll in this course. The preparation tests for the exams were stellar! I passed both the PSM I and PSPO I exams with 100 % 🙂


It is the best course for preparing PSM I exam

It is the best course for preparing PSM I exam! Highly recommended! I passed my exam from the first attempt just following the practice questions. Please do not use practice exams from other websites as they will confuse you too much.

Thank you so much! Enrolling in other courses to continue my journey.


Instructor is very responsive

This is one amazing course IF you study it right. Instructor is very responsive. I had few questions and he got back to me immediately. I PASSED WITH 98%!!! As he predicts. Its definitely help you understand the logic of SCRUM which helps you pass the exam. None of the courses on Udemy are as effective.

Lucia S.

Frequently Asked Questions

The PSM I™ Exam Prep is created to maximize your chances of exam success. You will become familiar and comfortable with taking the PSM I™ assessment exam and passing it with confidence.

  • Our content is thoroughly researched and regularly tested to conform with the most recent exams.
  • Questions will have similar vocabulary, grammar and level of difficulty as the real exam.
  • Questions will cover the same categories and topics as the real exam.
  • Detailed explanations are provided for the most challenging questions.
  • Our exam experts are available to answer your questions or to clarify answers.
  • Simulated exam environment is provided to help you become comfortable with the exam format and enhance your test taking skills.
  • 99% pass rate.

You will receive a full refund if your refund request is received within 14 days of your purchase and you also meet other criteria, which are described in our Money Back Guarantee Policy.

Click here to view our Guarantee Policy.

The PSM I™ Exam Prep can be used on any laptop, desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone.

When preparing for the real exam, for the best experience, I recommend that you use either a laptop or desktop computer as it would simulate how you would likely take the real exam

I regularly offer discount coupons for our products. These coupons are published in our newsletters or sent as an already discounted checkout link. Here is our policy in regards to accepting discount coupons:

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The PSM I™ Exam Prep is given through an online tool and does not require you to download or install anything. This means that an active internet connection is required at all times.

It is not possible to take exams or quizzes while offline.

The minimum speed for your internet connection is 1 Mbps, however, a high-speed connection (cable, broadband, etc.) is recommended.

As of January 2024, the simulator supports the following browsers:


  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge


  • iOS Safari
  • Chrome
  • Samsung Internet

The PSM I™ Exam Prep cannot be printed or exported. They are intended for online use only.

In this way, students can take advantage of PSM I™ Exam Prep features, such as:

  • Detailed explanations for questions, including the correct and incorrect answer choices.
  • Use the complementary Live Discussion™ service to discuss the correctness of the questions’ answers, explanations or references.

But most importantly, online-only access guarantees you are accessing the most recent question database. This is important because we update our questions and explanations quite regularly (sometimes daily) based on the most recent changes in the real exam and inputs from students. The only way to be sure that you are seeing the most current and valid questions and explanations is by accessing them online.

You can spend as much or as little time as you like. In my experience, students who dedicate time to taking as many questions (multiple times) as possible improve their chances of success on the real exam.

Your purchase of the PSM I™ Exam Prep is for a single-user license. You will receive a username and password in your name to access the simulator. This is your personal access information, and you may not share your login credentials with others. You may access the simulator as often as you like. You may not sell your single-user license of exam preps to others.

Access from multiple devices is permitted. However, access from multiple devices at the same time is prohibited.

Yes! Buy it now, and use it whenever you’re ready to start preparing to pass your PSM I™ certification exam on the first try.

HeyScrum was developed on over 20 years of experience training and certifying professionals. We pride ourselves on our commitment to continuously delivering and maintaining the best quality exam preps and also personally supporting our students throughout their journey … and our students love their results!

Ultimate PSM I Practice Tests: Elevate Your Exam Mastery & Beyond

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. PSM I practice tests, questions, and answers to help you pass your Intermediate Professional Scrum Master™ Level 1 exam.

Prepare to pass your PSM I™ certification with confidence using the best exam prep learning tool – PSM I Practice Tests. Gain a fundamental understanding of the Scrum framework and its application in Scrum Teams through our comprehensive simulator features designed to elevate your Scrum mastery.

Guaranteed Accuracy

Prepare with confidence knowing our materials are meticulously updated to match real exam changes. Unlike static practice tests, we prioritize staying current by monitoring updates, ensuring you’re always equipped with the latest information.

Five Star Support

Experience more than just study material – gain a dedicated mentor. Our personalized support ensures your complete mastery of the material, guiding you every step of the way.

Maximize Efficiency

Customize your study sessions with flexible test sizing, optimizing your focus and time. Tailor test lengths to your schedule and concentration levels, ensuring every session is productive and efficient.

Benchmark Your Progress

Stay motivated by measuring your scores against peers. Gain valuable insights into your strengths and areas for improvement, setting realistic goals for success.

Assessment Simulator Modes:

  1. Practice Mode: All questions, no time limit, with feedback after each question. Progress is saved automatically.
  2. Timed Mode: 80 random questions, 60-minute time limit, with results and feedback at the end.


  • Unlimited attempts and lifetime access
  • Question Bank: 480
  • Fully up to date with the latest Scrum Guide (2020)
  • Format: Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, True/False
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Language: English
  • Study Topics: PSM I Exam Guide

Other Practice Assessments:

Don’t settle for ordinary preparation. Choose excellence with our Scrum Master PSM II™ Exam Prep and embark on a journey of knowledge and achievement. Take the first step towards your success today.

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2664 reviews for Scrum Master PSM I™ Exam Prep

  1. Noah R.

    I can’t thank the creators of this course enough for my PSM I success.

  2. Olivia N.

    These practice exams played a pivotal role in my PSM I exam success. The questions were challenging and diverse, preparing me for any scenario on the actual test. The explanations for both correct and incorrect answers were invaluable in deepening my understanding of Scrum principles.

  3. Abigail N.

    I credit this course for my PSM I certification achievement.

  4. Daniel L.

    Great practice tests.

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